Roxy Catering


Office Catering

Well-liked service preferred by various companies which are interested in fast and high-quality food and beverage or complete menu served in offices, meeting rooms or other business premises. We offer morning catering, coffee breaks with serving not only standard open sandwiches but other version of filled bakery products, mini breakfast or brunch. You can combine all our offers, we can serve them in your meeting rooms or other premises, just in a short time we are able to serve complete menu you have chosen in advance. Food that will catch the attention of your partners thanks to high quality.More

  • All types of catering

    Let us prepare you the catering which we will offer you on any type of events by your the most specific demands. You can choose from the offer of VIP, private, office, bar, outdoor or air catering.

  • Complete service

    By your demands and information you give to us we will create you the specific offer for catering. The offer is always original because we are every demand solving individually by client's specific ideas.

  • Your event

    Try something new and do impress your clients and colleagues with originality. Do explain us your basic ideas what do you expect and we can start together to create the event to fully satisfy all your expectations.