The word “catering“ specifies a particular type of service for customers, it is an activity comprising of food and beverage provided for particular events. There are many forms of catering ranging from simple catering, complicated receptions accompanied by special choreography of waiting stuff to various events held for significant guests requiring service amended by protocol. The venue itself can take place at any time and location according to customer´s wishes. A catering company must provide everything from A to Z, equipment, stuff, and cleaning service as well. Some of catering companies are able to provide services including event-planning, accompanying program or entertainers. And for this reason some of the occasions are called events i.e. a combination of gastronomy and entertainment. We are able to organise any type of event, food and beverage included; be it a simple catering, breakfast, dinner served for a close circle of people or a banquet with complex services for more than 2000 people.
The first impulse comes from customer; they address us with their concept of event. This concept does not necessarily have to be detailed as our long-time experiences have taught us to deal, direct and lead our customers step by step to reach their goals. The following step is to get the approval of tailor-made price offer which is always preceded by customer´s comments on details of their event created by our professionals.
In case of interest we can organise a food tasting event for you to try out everything that will be served during your occasion.
We prepare all food by ourselves, our slogan goes “Experience is the best teacher” due to this fact every event is so unique that you should experience it especially with us.
However, the logistics is a very important part too, since the caterer must ensure a perfect organization and service, immediate supply of goods as well as their removal in order not to burden the clients but satisfy them.